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Emergency response training underway

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - The Guam National Guard's 94th Civil Support Team conducted exercises throughout the day. Over a dozen federal and local first responders participated in simulated scenarios at various locations. The Kontra I Piligru Exercise is a two-day training event consisting of chemical, biological and radiological scenarios which test inter-agency response capabilities.

94th CST spokesperson Captain Joseph Connelley said, "More important is maintaining and strengthening relationships with first responders currently there is going to be about 20 agencies and not all agencies are first responders but the relationships we developed in the past will continue to strengthen through exercises just like this."

One of the scenarios tested first responders capabilities to handle wounded civilians involved in an explosion. National Guard Spokesperson Captain Ken Ola said, "The scenario here down at the Nimitz golf course there is suppose to be a conference and there are some folks that for some reason there's a chemical substance that was inside the building and forced them out and as soon as they came out they a lot of them were injured and some were killed by an explosion."

In other scenarios played out, first responders were faced with active shooter scenarios, chemical, biological and radiological scenarios, managing the aftermath, responding to the injured and ultimately subduing the terrorist group responsible.

The Kontra I Piligru Exercise involves a series of scenarios being played out throughout our island from active shooters to explosive devices. It's events such as this which helps our islands first responders to respond to real life situations

Kontra I Piligru continues tomorrow. The exercise involves local first responders as well as representatives from the CNMI, civilian support teams from Utah and Hawaii.

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