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May is Lupus Awareness Month

Guam - With May marking Lupus Awareness Month, the Lupus Awareness Group of Guam is hoping to garner the island's support on the disease that affects mainly women of childbearing age. Member Travona Shievdayal says the group formed a year ago to get more information on the numbers locally. She adds lupus is a multi-faceted disease that's hard to diagnose because the island lacks a rheumatologist.

"What you have is a case where you have an inflammatory disorder where you have the body creating cells that attacks itself; it attacks different cells throughout the body. With that kind of damage in different locations means you have different presentations," she said.

Member Loling Field hopes residents will join in tomorrow and put on purple, saying, "Put on purple is designated for Friday, May 17th and that's basically to bring awareness out so we're asking everybody to support lupus and wear something purple."

The group is also hosting a Lupus Learning and Living Forum next Saturday, May 25th at the UOG Business Building. For more information, e-mail

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