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IT&E rolls out 4G LTE MiFi service

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by Ken San Nicolas

Guam - With the advent of wireless devices such as iPads, laptops and Apple TVs, a reliable Internet hub is a highly sought after piece of hardware for the everyday consumer. In lieu of the times, the folks at IT&E have introduced My360, their 4G LTE portable hotspot.

Postpaid cellular product manager Tony Borja, said, "With IT&E's My360, users can enjoy the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network on Guam with speeds of up to 25 plus Mbps. We have the best coverage, from Andersen to Big Navy, to Yona and everywhere in between."

This Franklin MiFi device is capable of connecting up to 10 WiFi devices at one time - a characteristic exclusive to IT&E. Additionally users can monitor their data usage directly on the device. My360 also hits the market at a competitive price point of just $59 a month for unlimited data till June 30. Past that data usage will be rationed at a generous 10GB a month.

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