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IT&E launches new prepaid plan

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by Ken San Nicolas

Guam - In this day and age, mobile access to the Internet has become almost a necessity for everyday life. Whether it be having access to your e-mails, setting meetings on your online calendar, watching a film on Netflix in your free time or simply updating your Facebook status, a reliable source of mobile data has become an integral part of life for many of us. Access like that does not come cheap - until now.

IT&E has just launched their new CDMA prepaid data plan. At an unbeatable low price of just $1.50 a day, customers get unlimited access to a 3G data connection for their mobile device.

Prepaid product manager Angela Rosario elaborated, saying, "You can post your pictures on Facebook, post your pictures on Instagram, you can update your status, watch Netflix, Tango with your friends, you can have a Candy Crush marathon, anything you can and would do on your data plan, you can do on the IT&E 3G Prepaid Data Plan."

If an affordable option like this appeals to you, Rosario urges you to visit one of their locations to get hooked-up easily. "You can stop by any of our stores, and they can go ahead and assist you or call our call center, they can assist you as well. If you don't have a prepaid CDMA handset we do have affordable android phones for everyone's budget," she added,

For an additional $1 a day, you can also include unlimited local calling and texting to compliment your unlimited data access. Stop by IT&E today to participate in this very affordable prepaid plan that will help get you the most out of your phone's data capabilities.

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