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JIC activated

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense has activated the Joint Information Center. Getting out accurate information to the public: that is the main goal of JIC.    

The JIC was activated in part provide the public with information about the North Korean threat and to consolidate information from all experts. GHS public information officer Dee Cruz said, "Joint Information Center is a combination between the government agencies and the military. It is a place where all the public information officer go and relay a single message to the public."

The activation of the JIC is also partly in response to a hoax that occurred over the weekend in which a post on Facebook purportedly from a local newspaper reported that a missile was launched at targets in Guam and Hawaii, Cruz says the public can take comfort in knowing that accurate information is only a phone call away. "We wanted to make sure that the public didn't panic form that one hoax message and so just like the Joint Information Center we would go ahead and validate the information and send it as one under one umbrella," she said.

The JIC is comprised of public information officers from throughout the Government of Guam and the military who respond to inquiries from the public and the media. "We are pumping out our awareness campaign we are going to be out there full force just letting the public know exactly what to do in case of an all hazards emergency, what to prepare for what to look for where they can contact us at," she said.

Cruz adds that while the activation of the JIC does have to do with North Korean threats it is not in response to any imminent threat but instead to provide information regarding any type of disaster. With recent threats from North Korea the Joint Information Center is now active. For resident who have any questions or concerns for how to prepare for a disaster and the aftermath.

For more information please contact 475-9600.

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