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Guam's top shooters square off

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Guam Shooting Sports Federation held their annual Steel Challenge at the Piti Gun Range over the weekend. Shooters of all ages put their shooting to the test on steel plates for best times. Rob Kutz talked with KUAM Sports about the event.

He said, "Welcome to the Guam Sports Shooting Federations 2013 Steel Challenge Match sponsored by the Firing Line, Jeff Nelsons Company in which we really appreciate it. This is a match set up for speed with considerations for safety. Instead of moving around there are 5 steel targets in 4 different configurations. Each shooter draws from the holster and has 4 shots to hit the main plates and the 5th shot is what we call the stop plate and that is the one that has to be fired last. We have some beginner shooters and some that are very good so it's kind of amazing. Good shooters can shoot this entire course in about 3 and half seconds starting with the gun in the holster. Think about that, 3 and half seconds. That's barely time enough to get your coffee off the table and to your mouth. We are very proud of our shooters and this is a fast paced event and it's unusual in that it emphasizes on speed and accuracy above movement. You shoot from only 1 place. We are very happy to have a good turnout today. The club shooters are here and a couple of guests as well. So this is high speed shooting for even us old guys."

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