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Palau spared from direct storm hit

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Mother Nature has spared Palau from experiencing a direct hit from Typhoon Bopha. According to Oceania TV the storm which was expected to hit Palau over the weekend veered 50 miles south of Koror.  We spoke with the Palau government's minister of state Victor Yano who said assessments are still being conducted.

"Not a lot of damage except for the power lines and the trees. The VP who is the chairman of the National emergency committee and he got all the government officials in charge of emergency response and they'll have a meeting at the airport and decide what to do but until that time its just a prelim assessment. We don't have any reports from the south which we think was flooded, we hear there was a flood in Pelelui but to what extent we don't know and that's why we want to have this meeting and get our heads together and put out a report that we can tell the public and ask for assistance," he said.

Oceania TV reports that communications have been difficult as parts of Palau are without phone and power.  The news station has also received reports of several homes on Palau's largest islands of Babeldoab have been destroyed.

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