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Inquiry findings bypassed Bordallo

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - While a federal review of three police officers' alleged involvement in the Blue House Lounge brothel case continues, the top brass of the Guam Police Department spoke about the matter, who KUAM News has learned was in charge of the very precinct and the officers when the criminal activity at the club was uncovered. Police Chief Fred Bordallo says he may have been the man in charge of the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct in 2007 through late 2008, but he says he had no knowledge of any of his officers' involvement in the brothel or even the raid that uncovered human trafficking and prostitution. 

Three of his officers who were assigned to the precinct at that time are being held behind bars accused of frequenting the establishment, having sex with the workers and threatening to arrest them if they did not comply with the owner, Song Ja Cha.  Two of the officers also face charges for alleged criminal sexual conduct. 

It wasn't until January 13, 2008 when one of the workers sought help from the wife of a police officer to get her passport back from Cha when the police department uncovered what was really happening at the blue house. "Was I involved in this raid or did I have knowledge of it? No, I didn't," the chief stated. "I was not involved in the raid or part of the investigation conducted by the criminal investigation division which took the lead back in 2008. They coordinated their information and investigation with the Guam attorney general at the time."

Current U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco was in charge of the Attorney General's Office at the time of the raid. Chief Bordallo was the precinct commander but says any and all information bypassed him. "CID didn't brief me or provide me any information at the time of the investigation. Again their investigation was coordinated with the Guam Attorney General's Office," Bordallo added.

As the top brass now, Bordallo receives regular updates on the ongoing police investigation that was ordered by Governor Eddie Calvo. Bordallo said when asked if he had any knowledge of officers going to the establishment, No - no knowledge of the officers going to that establishment.

"At the time the scope was on the females the main boss of the Blue House Lounge. There were no officers that came up under the scope of the investigation that came up in 2011 at the trial."

It was during the trial that two of the workers testified that officers "Tony" and "Mario" would frequent the bar and that Cha would call her "friends the police" and have them arrested if they did not make the customers happy by performing sexually and comply with her orders. It's alleged that the officers, sometimes in uniform, would go to the establishment for police service calls.

It's unclear whether actual calls were made to 911 or whether the owner simply called the officers personally to seek their assistance. Bordallo says his special task force will not leave any stone unturned. "We're looking at potentially other officers involved. We're looking at the assignment of where these officers were at," he explained.

The officers meanwhile are expected to find out whether they will be released from jail on Friday.  Officers David Q. Manila, Anthony Quenga and Mario Laxamana have requested to be released on their own recognizance or be placed on house arrest to a third-party custodian. Cha is also scheduled to answer to the charges handed down in the superseding indictment on Friday with a Korean interpreter.

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