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Marks appointed to Unarmed Combat Commission

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Manager for operations at Parsons Robert Marks received positive testimony from American Red Cross Guam Chapter Executive Director Chita Blaise.  Marks was nominated by Governor Eddie Calvo to serve as a member of the Guam Unarmed Combat Commission. Marks says he looks forward to working on the commission by promoting sports tourism and mixed martial arts on Guam to our youth.

He said, "We'd like to get our youth into it as you learn sports and the mental control of sports you become better people. There are many gyms and training facilities on Guam that and if we push our youth to go to these facilities and a lot of these as I mentioned the teachers are the very good fighters here they learn how to become a good fighter not just a thug that's running around punching people, but a controlled person. I think if you meet the great fighters from Guam, the champions here they're very controlled people you can't even believe their fighters."

Marks said his nephew trains in MMA. If confirmed he would be the second person on the commission, which is supposed to have a total of seven members.

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