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GATE Theater deemed hazardous

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Guam Fire Department has issued a notice of hazard for the GATE Theater. According to GFD Captain Joey Manibusan, the gate theater is not technically closed but cannot use the theater for any function or activity until several discrepancies are corrected. Some of the discrepancies include

-          fire protection system not working
-          broken sprinkler system
-          roof leaks (water can come in and enter electrical system creating electrocution hazard and fire hazard)
-          exposed electrical wiring
-          emergency lights not working
-          no emergency evacuation plan
-          egress ("being able to get out") issues need to be resolved
-          improperly disposed cigarette butts
-          combustible waste on the stage

Capt. Manibusan adds the building has been neglected and not kept up to par. He adds while he feels bad that the theater cannot open for operations, after GFD's inspection called the theater "a fire trap" and safety needs to be addressed.

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