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Prop 'A' proponents a no-show

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Proponents and opponents of the Prop 'A' for-profit bingo initiative were invited to speak to island Rotarians this afternoon. While Committee to Keep Guam Good's Jackie Marati showed up, instead Guam Japan Frienship Village's Takami Hisamoto sent an e-mail to Rotarian Phil Flores.

Flores said, "I got the e-mail from Japan - I assume it's from Japan - saying that they're not going to participate and they won't participate in any debates on the subject Guam, at least right now. That's what they're saying.  I don't know about later."

In the e-mail Hisamoto added that he feels the voters can decide issues like initiatives without the full-blown rhetoric of candidate campaigns. He added that if he feels something more than the written statement and the ballot language is needed he will make that decision nearer the election.

Meanwhile, Marati encouraged Rotarians to vote no on the proposal, saying, "This is an issue of respect - it's not about whether they are going to participate in campaigns or not, if they are not going to come out and show us respect about a proposal they think is good for our island and they have come out and said this is good for our island and good for you, and they are not prepared to defend it its very simple for me ladies and gentlemen, you just vote no."

The Japan Guam Friendship Village is made up of Japanese investors who want to revitalize and legalize bingo only at the former Guam Greyhound facility in Tamuning, owned by John Baldwin, who has been behind previous failed gambling initiatives on Guam.

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