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Preba Hao thrills the crowd with 9-fight card

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - PXC wrapped up another successful night of fights at the Marriott Hotel as 9 fights took place for Preba Hao. In the first fight of the night Christian Mafnas met up with Jonathan Cruz in the lightweight division.

Benny Manglona and Arthur Peredo took to the cage next in the only heavyweight fight of the night.

Jay Duenas went straight to work against Ignacio Leon Guerrero. Duenas pressed the action and landed a shot that put Leon Guerrero down. Jay Duenas stayed on top of Ignacio Leon Guerrero and landed several unanswered shots that forced referee Tony DeAngelo to call the fight in round 1.

Junar Jesus faced Enrique Concepcion in the 140-pound division. Jesus fought hard for the takedown after a quick exchange. Junar Jesus was able to work Concepcion against the cage and eventually get the takedown. Junar Jesus landed some punches to soften up Enrique Concepcion and get to his back to force Concepcion to tap by rear naked choke as the first round came to an end.

Don Rasa and Jay Taijeron squared up in another lightweight fight. Rasa secured the early takedown and worked his way from side control to the mount position. Jay Taijeron tried to roll over but gave up his back. Don Rasa got in his hooks and sunk in the rear naked choke for the first round win by submission.

Adrian Davis and Dan Pereda gave it their all in the last round of their fight. Both guys slugged it out looking for the knock out win. The two stood toe to toe for the opening of the 3rd round. After exchanging punches, Davis tripped Pereda and took him down finishing him off with the arm bar submission.

Joe Arriola took on Justin Cruz in the 7th fight of the night. Both fighters came out swinging from the get go. Arriola catches Cruz in an arm bar but couldn't finish him off. When the fight went back to the ground Justin Cruz landed an illegal knee, which resulted in his disqualification awarding Arriola the first round win.

Rudy the Uzi San Nicholas took care of business against Tanner Santos in round 1. San Nicholas with the big takedown tried to work and get the back of Santos. Tanner Santos would later reverse the action and try to sink in the guillotine choke but was unsuccessful. Rudy San Nicholas would get the win by submission in round 1.

Ryan Toves and Joshua Cruz took to the cage for the last fight of the night. Cruz put Toves against the cage in the second round and landed some shots as Toves covered up. In the 3rd and final round, Toves was able to use his height to his advantage and keep the distance against Cruz landing punches and kicks from the outside. After 3 rounds, Ryan Toves picked up the unanimous decision win.

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