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GFD issued 27 citations in two months

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The Guam Fire Department has spent the past few months conducting inspections using the new International Building Code requirements. The inspections have led to numerous citations being issued to various businesses, which apparently in turn becomes more revenue for GFD to use toward its shortcomings.

"We are going to be increasing our enforcement," said Prevention Bureau Captain Gerard Terlaje. He notes that since July of this year his team has been out in full force inspecting random businesses and establishments ensuring they meet all requirements of the new IBC. Terlaje says GFD has issued a total of 27 citations just these past two months alone. "Most of the violations stem from obstruction on of fire lanes, failure to maintain cooking suppression systems in a restaurant, occupying a space before receive approval from an inspection, and failure to obtain necessary permits before you conduct activity," he added.

He says the inspections and citations were given the green light from the Judiciary of Guam, as the court is equipped to handle the intake and processing of citations. Terlaje says island businesses have been given adequate notice of what they need to do to stay in compliance, and that includes keeping up with simple things like maintaining exit signs and fire extinguishers. "Violations as we observe them, we give fair warning to correct discrepancies and after reasonable time the inspector will return," he said.

Each violation is about $75. He says GFD hasn't had to shut down anyone yet, but says the fines can get pretty steep. Even going as high as $1,000, and the business depending on the violation could even face a misdemeanor charge. Terlaje says the courts are still processing the citations issued so he's not sure the exact total GFD will get, but it's definitely money that will assist the fire department with its financial shortfalls.

"They are suppose to be deposited into the flame funds used for training and equipment," Terlaje said.
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