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GWA bringing treatment plants into compliance

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Guam Waterworks Authority general manager Martin Roush spoke before the Rotary Club of Northern Guam today, giving an update on the state of the utility agency and several initiatives moving forward. Roush says relative to generating over $300 million to comply with a court order regarding the completion of improvements to GWA's wastewater treatment plants, water rates will increase sometime down the line, but no definitive date is set.

He announced, "I just think we're doing a very good job with managing and the court order. Right now we've met every deadline with the court order and that's a big, big initiative on Guam and it impacts all of us because it's going to be bringing our treatment plants into compliance which they haven't been in compliance for 20 years now."

He adds the Northern Treatment Plant should be in compliance within the next couple of months, whereas the Hagatna Wastewater Treatment Plant should follow shortly after. And within four to six years, he estimates completing all the treatment plants down south.

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