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Comm to Keep Guam Good submits opposing argument

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Committee to Keep Guam Good has submitted their arguments opposing the for-profit bingo initiative to the Guam Election Commission. The organization says Proposal 'A' is just another attempt by Guam Greyhound to allow for-profit bingo casino gambling only at the Tamuning location, creating a monopoly and a permanent license.

Former senator Joe T. San Agustin, mayor-elect Louise Rivera, and Monsignor Brigido Arroyo signed the argument, urging voters to oppose the initiative. Attorney Jay Arriola told KUAM News, "But quite clearly in the definition of bingo, its not bingo, its slot machines, its bingo slot machines, bingo casinos and if you look it up on the Internet now there is new games called 'slingo', which is bingo slot machines. It's all over the place and it really is literally a slot machine called bingo where you pull the lever down and that's how you win your money. There are dozens across the country and it's simply casino gambling halls and this initiative is no different in that respect."

The committee warns that while the initiative purports to give 20% of net proceeds to healthcare, education and public safety, in reality there is no legal mechanism to transfer the funds as only the legislature can determine where the money should go.

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