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SelectCare extends health insurance contract

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - While the current Fiscal Year 2012 health insurance contract is set to expire at the end of the month and a new contract has yet to be negotiated, Calvo's SelectCare announced the extension of the agreement.  With the end of the contract looming, SelectCare has been inundated with phone calls from concerned subscribers wondering what will happen with their health insurance come October 1.

Health plan administrator Frank Campillo said such inquires included, "What am I going to do now? Will I still be able to get my chemotherapy? What's going to happen to my mother who is now in the hospital getting chemotherapy? My mother was scheduled for an operation in California. Am I going to be able to schedule this?" These are just a few of the concerns SelectCare has been fielding in recent weeks.  Campillo says an agreement has been reached between the company and the government to ensure the needs of employees and retirees are continued until the government negotiates a new health insurance contract.

"It gives peace of mind to these individuals and makes them realize that they can get coverage without having to be concerned," he added. Government subscribers can stay with their current plan or enroll in the Calvo's SelectCare 1500 plan or HSA 2000.

"If the employees don't want to switch or don't need to switch they don't need to do anything. Those that wish to switch or those that need to add family members or do any changes are the ones for which this period, open enrollment the benefits will continue," continued Campillo.

All plan maximums and deductibles will reset on October 1.  While rates will stay the same, Campillo says subscribers will see some new benefits such as a 50% discount on air ambulance services and the ability to continue going to gyms around the island without paying monthly fees. "That's going to continue and the new requirements of PPACA ask us to implement this fiscal year. For example, we expand coverage for women. Women will now be able to get contraceptive without making a co-payment," he explained.

Open Enrollment briefings will be held this Saturday at the Micronesia Mall and the Agana Shopping Center from 10am to 4pm.   Enrollment ends on September 27.

Campillo added, "The moral hazard of leaving a Government of Guam employee or retiree without knowing whether or not that person is going to get health insurance or not that will go away with this agreement.  How long will this agreement stay? We don't know - evidently that will have to be something that will have to be discussed with the Government of Guam as they put together a new RFP."

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