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Roundtable on proposed cuts on Tuesday

by Nick Delgado

Guam - At the request of the governor, the Guam Legislature will begin discussion on the Calvo Administration's Omnibus Fiscal Reform Bill this week. On Monday the Legislature will hold a roundtable assessment with human resources personnel, department heads, the Civil Service Commission and community stakeholders to begin discussion on the measure that has up to $70 million in potential savings to the government.

Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz says he's hoping officials will be able to determine the full impact of the spending cuts bill. "How is the proposal going to affect the national guardsmen as it relates to their leaves, are they going to have to worry that their families are going to be having receiving money every two weeks to pay for things. That's not something that I want the men and women to be worrying about when they're there and I need to know the impact that this is going to have on them," he said.

Cruz is hoping to determine how much and when savings will be realized. He's calling on the public to read the bill and educate themselves on what the legislation proposes. Monday's roundtable assessment is scheduled for 5:30 in the evening.

On Tuesday, a public hearing will be held to discuss specific cuts that are proposed for the Guam Fire Department that include reducing overtime to six hours and doing away with non-productive pay. That hearing is scheduled for 5:30 in the evening on Tuesday.

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