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Brooks issues statement on Gutierrez Withdrawal

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - After former Governor Carl Gutierrez announcement that he is withdrawing his candidacy for Public Auditor to help the Democratic Party in the upcoming general election, incumbent Doris Flores Brooks issued the following statement:


 First, I want to thank former Governor Gutierrez for making the public more aware of the important role that the Office of Public Accountability has.  Never before has there been such interest in an election for Public Auditor.    At the same time, I am glad he recognizes that the position of Public Auditor is nonpartisan.  Regardless on any political affiliation that a person may have had before taking a nonpartisan position, that old loyalty must be set aside if you are Public Auditor, a judge or the Attorney General.  You must be independent.  That's our law.


I respect his choice to return to the role of partisan politician.  As he himself said, his greatest strength is his political base. 


I have heard Carl's criticisms of me and the OPA and it gives me pause to reflect on how we can do our job more effectively. Accountability matters and everyone is accountable.   My vision is for Guam to be the model for good governance in the Pacific.


Thank you and Si Yu'us Ma'ase


Doris Flores Brooks, C.P.A., C.G.F.M.

Public Auditor

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