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In the last week, there has been an issue related to whether former Governor Gutierrez needs to comply with certain election eligibility requirements. In general, I would prefer to see more emphasis on sworn declarations made by candidates rather than police or court clearances. The Gutierrez example is a good case. Everyone knows he is in compliance with this requirement. Why don't we simply have candidates make a sworn declaration of eligibility instead of the drama of artificial clearances?

If Gutierrez decides not to ultimately run for public auditor, it may be for one of three reasons. First, this may indicate that he still has a strong interest in running for governor in 2014. If he ran for the OPA and won, he would have to let go of his partisan based group of supporters somewhat. Second, Gutierrez is a strong democrat leader and he may have realized that before the primary he could have helped quite a number of democrats in the election. He deliberately avoided helping candidates because he was serious about keeping the non-partisan standards for this positions. Finally, Gutierrez may have achieved one of his purposes by running a write in campaign. In many respects, he expresses an interest in clearing his name and by calling out the public auditor on certain items, he met this goal. He was also able to keep his name in the running and active in voters minds.

In general, the election with Gutierrez running would be more exciting than not having Gutierrez. But there is a lot of strategy steps in running for major offices. As the next seven weeks will tell, this should be a very interesting legislative race. The democrats have the homecourt incumbency advantage and the republicans get to attack the majority with all sorts of issues and concerns. It will be a neat race.

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