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Staffers trained on Mission: Zero Bags

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Hoping to ensure better understanding and value of its Mission: Zero Bags campaign, Pay-Less Supermarkets is starting at the core - hoping to educate its employees while having fun in the process.

Pay-Less has over 600 employees and according to marketing manager Carina Pegarido, for the past two weeks, she's been conducting a training session hoping to educate employees on the problems with plastics bags and the value of opting for reusable bags. "We just want to educate our employees about it and do something fun, so they'll be able to remember it and they'll be able to communicate this with our customers as well," she said.

The training incorporated lessons and fun activities such as a fashion show using recycled newspaper. "So what we're doing is we have our employees who come to the training and we have different hands on activities and also the training portion and at the end we have an application part of it," Pegarido added.

She hopes the training encourages them to embrace the campaign, saying, "So we want to be able to influence our employees and encourage them to join in on this program 100 percent and encourage their families and their friends and the community and it all starts with Pay-Less."

Mission: Zero Bags was launched this year hoping to eliminate the distribution of 1.1 million plastic bags on our island. As of late last month, Pegarido reports pay-less has reached its goal of zero. However the work doesn't stop here and a new goal will be announced next week. "We're going to continue this program and payless really believes in it and really invested a lot of time and effort for the betterment of our island so we're going to continue this Mission: Zero Bags program," she said.

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