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Lame duck mayor releases second DVD

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - There's a sequel to the drama unfolding in the village of Umatac, as outgoing mayor Dean Sanchez continues his campaign against his former Republican opponent. Sanchez has released yet another DVD, hoping it a big hit with his constituents.

It's Round 2, as Sanchez, the lame duck southern mayor, is throwing down another video featuring Johnny Quinata. Sanchez lost to Quinata in last Saturday's Republican Primary. The first video featured Sanchez and Quinata talking about an incident that occurred in 1995 when Sanchez says he bought drugs from a store run by Quinata and his wife at the time.

In another video provided to KUAM News, Sanchez alleges his former opponent was abusing public resources at Fort Soledad by using the water to clean their fishing nets and equipment.

The video contains Quinata expressing the following:

Quinata: You are going to video me, prim? Video me? That's a good job you are doing as mayor for the people of Umatac, out doing nothing, only me because you want me to be a star. How about you go do something for the village, prim?

"Before that I never knew he was using the fort after every atulai, to clean it that means you use the water, the facilities, now if you use the facilities you take up all the space where all the tourist buses have to park and several buses had to bypass Fort Soledad because they were there occupying that," said Sanchez.

Quinata confessed that he used to deal drugs but said that was in his past and that he's a changed person as for this latest DVD. He stated, "The thing is we moved up there and people just hanging out looking at the mackerel, fixing the net and we clean the place when we are done. He just has nothing better to do then go out and do things instead and looking for me and videoing me. He's working for the people of Umatac and wasting taxpayer money to video me when he should go out and fix the village."

Quinata further claims Sanchez is a sore loser, adding, "This is not about politics this is about correcting something and anyone that does something illicit in nature. He just doesn't want to quit. He lost and he should accept that loss. Now it's my turn."

With all the drama in Umatac, it appears the playing a major role now is the Guam Election Commission. GEC executive director Maria Pangelinan says her staff as well as legal counsel received a copy of the DVD provided by Mayor Sanchez. She says legal counsel is currently reviewing what has been provided to determine if Quinata's run for office will be affected come November.

Of note is that according to Department of Parks & Recreation director Pete Calvo, residents have abused water consumption there. He says with a nearly $2,500 monthly water bill for Fort Soledad alone, DPR is restricting water use to the restrooms and will be looking out for anyone trying to tap into the park's water supply.

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