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Major political fight brewing down south

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - Mayor of Umatac Dean Sanchez may have lost in the Republican primary, but he's running a campaign to make sure his former opponent doesn't win in November. The outgoing Umatac mayor lost in the primary election to Johnny Quinata, but evidently he's still campaigning - this time to make sure Quinata doesn't win in November against  democrat Daniel Sanchez.

KUAM News has obtained a copy of a DVD that Dean is circulating to constituents. It's a taped conversation the two had prior to the Primary. "This exchange of words was merely a frustration," said Dean.

According to Sanchez, the discussion was about how Quinata didn't show up to a meeting he called for all candidates to go over the Guam Election Commission's electioneering rules, but the conversation turned heated as Sanchez then accused Quinata of being a drug dealer referring to an incident that occurred about 17 years ago. Sanchez alleges he had just got his car fixed but when he offered his friend $100 for the repairs - instead his friend told him to go to the store and buy him a popsicle or ice. 

The DVD features the following conversation:

Sanchez: Do you remember, that day? You ready? 1995, In July, I went up to the store you were operating and the storekeeper at the front was your wife and I told you a person had called you up and the person that called you up was interested in buying a plate of ice3 and guess who was up there? And your wife said, 'Bruddah, is in there getting it ready?' You came out.

Quinata: You were the one who bought it? Did you buy it?

Sanchez: Oh yes, I bought it.

Quinata: How come you didn't get me arrested for that?

Sanchez: I wanted to find out for myself was it really true. I didn't know you were smoking marijuana and doing all that, I never knew you were doing that. I didn't believe it. That's why I went up to see if you would entertain this person's request. And guess who came out with the plate to give to the wife? And then he gave me and then smiled at me.

Quinata: I'm sorry Ii did that. Everybody makes mistakes. I never got busted. I never got busted...I explained it to him (Uncle Jesse) already. I never got busted. I served my time, it got expunged. Two years I went through the federal courts for that and it is already 20 years. People change at that time.

Dean said, "I gave him the money to satisfy my contract with the person who did the mechanic work but it was to satisfy my curiosity. I was the former mayor law enforcement officer would he actually sell it to me and he did." But as a former law enforcement officer, Sanchez says he didn't report the incident to police because they were family.

Late this afternoon KUAM News spoke with Quinata about the DVD. "That was the past and I want to let the past be and move forward," he said. "It's true, I'm not going to lie about it its been 15 years and now that I'm serving the people the people ask me to run and now I'm here to run because there's a lot of things going."  When asked about the allegations that he was dealing drugs, he said, "Like I said, the past is in the past. You've seen the DVD. I don't want to put anything further.

"You know, I'm ready to serve the people of Umatac if they give me the opportunity. I'm ready. Let's forget about the past and move forward."

Prompted with the question of why he thought the allegations were being brought against him, he said, "He's mad at me because when he ran for the last three years he lost when is supported him he won. Okay if I didn't support him we would not be the mayor."

He also said, "I went to the police department for harassment but I chose not to press charges. I just want to leave it that and let God make the decision and I'm praying him forgive the mayor for all the things he's talking about. He's just a sore loser."

Sanchez in the meantime says he's got more videos and plans to continue sharing them with his constituents.

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