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Judo instructors from Japan visiting

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Marianas Judo Association hosted Judo Instructors from Tokai University in Japan as part of a training camp that was held at the Maite Dojo. The camp was intended to develop Judo on Guam and to further enhance peace through sports.  The group included Dr. Toshiaki Hashimoto, Yasuhiro Yamashita, Mr. Teruyoshi Yamaguchi, Mr. Yusaku Sato and Mr. Ryukou Noguchi who are both All-Japan high school champions and sambo champions.

Gen Imai with the Marianas Judo Association told KUAM Sports, "We have a group of instructors from the Tokai University from Japan. They are here teaching us techniques and a lot of the basic fundamentals and the help of developmental of Judo here on Guam. This experience for my students have been really good because they get to see the technique that comes from the originating country of the sport of Judo. So they see the technique and with these instructors from Tokai University they come from the best Judo University in Japan and are recognized all over the world where a lot of Olympic champions and world champions from Japan come from."

Ric Blas Jr. credits a lot of his success to the Tokai University the place where he trains in preparation for international competition. Blas adds that sensei Yamaguchi has had a big influence in the development of his game and says that the camp will definitely help the sport evolve on island.

Blas said, "These guys from Tokai University come out here and they are known to create some of the sports top players and the biggest names in Judo so it's really great that they are out here. Even if we have elite players here they are just back here touching up on their technique and getting the basics down. It's always good to go back and review what you have learned in the past.And these guys are here making sure that the technique is refreshed and up to date and it's a good developmental program for the kids.

"So hopefully with this program we will have more coming out and build a better relationship with Tokai University. I'm always there training, they have been a big part in my preparation for both Olympic Games and so it's a big honor for them to come out here and take their time to help teach our kids. I hope more people come out and see that with this great relationship we can create more elite players and hopefully a better future for Guam Judo."

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