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Several upsets in mayoral races

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Super Saturday turned into Super Sunday, as just before 4:30 Sunday morning the Guam Election Commission completed tabulations at Election Central in Mangilao.

The GEC reports that 21,320 residents participated in the Decision 2012 Primary Election, equating to 43% voter turnout.


In the congressional race, the stage is set for Democrat incumbent Madeleine Bordallo to go head-to-head with her Republican challenger, Frank Blas, Jr. Bordallo handily beat newcomer Karlo Dizon, with Bordallo garnering 7,866 votes to Dizon's 2,829 votes. 

As for Blas, he wound up with 5,301, while Independent Jonathan Diaz received 84 votes.

- Results from all Decision 2012 Primary Election races



In the race for public auditor, this was initially expected to a uneventful election as incumbent Doris Flores Brooks wasn't facing a challenge - that is, until former governor Carl Gutierrez announced just a few weeks ago that he was going to jump into the race as a write-in candidate. Brooks received a total of 14,027 votes compared to Gutierrez's 4,692. There were also 618 other write-ins.

The two top vote-getters advance to the General Election, so the stage is set for a major showdown in November, definitely making this one of the races to watch.

- Results from all Decision 2012 Primary Election races


Moving on to the mayoral elections, there were no surprises in the Barrigada race, as Democrat June Blas (currently vice mayor) will soon be certified as the mayor, taking over Jessie Palican's spot. Blas ran unopposed not just from within her party, but she has no GOP challenger.

As for the election for mayor for Ordot Chalan-Pago, the Democrats went head-to-head as incumbent Jessy Gogue received 531 votes, while David Quintanilla received 181. There is no Republican primary, which means congratulations going out to Gogue as he secures another term, pending certification. 

As for Guam's most populous village of Dededo, Democrat Melissa Savares serves another term as she ran unopposed. And the same applies for Hagatna Republican incumbent John Cruz.

Onto the Asan-Maina Democrat primary, taking this election was Vincent Babauta with 124 votes over Rosemarie Aquiningoc with 98 votes he will face-off with the winner of the Republican primary. And if these results are certified it could be an upset as Joana Blas with 117 votes means she has beat the incumbent Vicente San Nicolas, who only garnered 102 votes.

Another big race was in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, as three Republicans went head-to-head. The winner however was incumbent Andrew Villagomez with 340 votes over Antonio Cruz with 114 and Tito Castro with 95.  There were no democrat challengers, which means it's another term for Villagomez as MTM mayor.

Down in Santa Rita, no surprise as Democrat mayor Dale Alvarez was already a winner before the primary even started, running unopposed. Likewise for Democrat Sinajana  vice mayor Robert Hofmann, who was the lone candidate running for mayor, so congratulations going out to him.

In Talofofo it was Democrats goring Duenas and incumbent Vicente Taitague battling out.  In the end, the incumbent Taitaigue took the Democrat primary with 369 votes over Duenas' 317 votes. . No Republican challengers here, so winner takes all with Taitague who gets another term as mayor.

In a big mayoral election in Tamuning, a major upset was seen as Republican vice mayor Louise Rivera has unseated incumbent Francisco Blas. The final tally: Rivera 627 votes, Blas 356. There is no Democrat opponent, so it's a done deal for the mayoral race in Tamuning and congratulations to Rivera who will be the new mayor of the central village.

Onto to the southern village of Umatac, Democrat Daniel Sanchez will go head to head with the winner of the Republican primary, and this is a big one because incumbent Dean Sanchez is out of the race. Johnny Quinata, not only beat out the incumbent mayor but also beat out Gilbert Aguon. So in November Sanchez and Quinata will go head-to-head.

Up north in Yigo, it was Democrat incumbent Robert Lizama all over opponent Joseph Taitano; the vote was Lizama's 754 to Taitano's 173. Lizama will now face-off with Republican Rudy Matanane in November. Matanane received 545 votes from Saturday's Primary.

In Yona, the winner of the Democrat primary is incumbent Jose Terlaje, who beat out his opponent Josefa Rosario. Terlaje will now go up against the winner of the Republican Primary, Ken Joe Ada.

- Results from all Decision 2012 Primary Election races

Onto to the vice mayoral elections, the match is set in the village of Agat. Democrat Derick Baza Hills will go up against Republican incumbent Agustin Quintanilla in November. And in Barrigada, there were no Republicans running, so Democrat vice mayor candidate Jessie Bautista takes it with 478 votes over Mae Fejerang's 282 votes. 

In Mangilao, Republican Allan Ungacta ran unopposed so congratulations to him as the vice mayor of the central village.

In the race for Sinajana vice mayor, three democrats were vying for the job but it was Rudy Iriarte who was the top vote-getter, securing 361 votes over Cynthia Elavea's 174 and Manuel Duenas' 142 votes. Since there are no Republican challengers, the new vice mayor of Sinajana will be Iriarte.

And finally, in the village of Tamuning it was Republican Ken Santos with 496 votes over Rudolpho Borja's 340 votes without any Democrat opponents.

Results from all Decision 2012 Primary Election races

All the results are not certified yet so they remain unofficial. The GEC will be meeting Monday at 2pm to properly certify them.

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