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Gutierrez is formidable write-in OPA candidate

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The election to watch undoubtedly is the race for public auditor. Incumbent Doris Flores Brooks -who once was running unopposed is facing off with a formidable write-in opponent former governor Carl Gutierrez. And already as many of you may have seen in this past Thursday's edition of D12 Tonight, Gutierrez is coming out swinging not only has he accused Brooks of picking and choosing who she audits but the former governor also accuses her of working with the former attorney general of Guam to ruin  his reputation.

Incumbent Brooks adamantly denies Gutierrez's claims that she picks and chooses what she audits. She said, "Absolutely not. I've been our office has been auditing agencies and programs appointed by two republican governors for the last ten years and many of the audits that we do are at the request of democratic senators. Senators like Pangelinan, Cruz, Barnes, Guthertz, Rodriguez, and Palacios. Many of the audits area at the request of democratic senators and many of the audits are required in law. Just last year, three of the audits we did were mandated by law. The audit that we issued earlier this year in the area of the veterans affairs office, that was at the request of Senator Barnes and Guthertz. Many of the audits have disclosed different areas."

The former governor however says he's had personal experience of being targeted. Gutierrez reflecting on the case filed against him several years ago but thrown out by the Superior Court in 2010 and affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2011.

He and former Retirement Fund director John Rios were accused of illegally enhancing the former governor's retirement benefits, but it was determined before trial that Gutierrez was entitled to them. "Just take a look at the emails and read what the witnesses said in my trial for the Retirement Fund," said Gutierrez. "That they were surprised that Doris came up there and pulled out two files. Se never looked at programs or audited others. She just pulled out two files.  She just went up there on the behest of someone. Have you read the emails?  You should read the emails between her and Joe Guthrie being told by the AG because the auditors Yuka Cabrera and Timothy san Nicolas said I did nothing wrong. Joe Ada said the same thing why do you want to go after Carl Gutierrez? Joe Guthrie said change the audit so it will make it easier for us to indict him and Doris says okay I'll change the audit."

In his defense Guthrie in an email to KUAM called Gutierrez's statements fallacious.

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