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Optimism on full display in northern villages

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - Up in Yigo, island residents and supporters were outside the village's gymnasium canvassing just along the fence line, pushing support for their candidates and greeting voters as they hit the poles. But for voter Maria Martinez, Super Saturday wasn't so super.

She told KUAM News, "Every single year we have new voters we have the people that are just graduating, so you should make the people aware of if you're going to enforce some kind of dress attire or something so that they know that when they come out and wear there senators shirts that they have something change into and not have to go home and come back out because its not a great experience."

Others in Yigo showed major support for the competitive race for village mayor, as incumbent Bob Lizama goes head to head with Joseph Taitano in the Democrat primary. Whoever wins tonight squares off with GOP candidate Rudy Matanane in the general.

From the liveliness in Yigo, down the road in Dededo it seemed polling sites were moving at a snail's pace this morning. Although it's the largest village on island, residents say voter turnout in Dededo was very minimal throughout the day and that it may pick up in the evening, or voters may just come out during the general election in November.

Resident Josie Gombio said, "Because Saturday nowadays when the economy go down all the people working during Saturdays. That's why voters I don't know the result later on like a new there's a lot of new candidates."

No matter how slow it may have seemed, voters KUAM News spoke with were pleased with the process. "It was great this morning," shared Tessie Marcos. "When we first came in, it was a smooth process the people inside were knowledgeable in telling us what to do."  Edwardo Cabales added, "Voting experience today because it's very easy to us, because we vote early and when we go to our voting places, not that much people, really."

"It's okay," said Ben Aleba. "Everything is small, and you know, I vote everything is okay. That's it. Period."

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