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i-Recycle has lots in store for schools

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - For years, the i-Recycle program has partnered with the island's schools not only to promote recycling but to help raise funds. And with a new school year, the program has lots in store.

Since 2007, the i-Recycle program has distributed container bins to over 40 of the island's schools. According to program administrator Peggy Denney, the program was created by seven local businesses to promote the recycling of aluminum beverage cans for the financial benefits of the schools. "So they receive payment basically based on how many times they fill their bin, and each time it's a little different as far as value is concerned because the value of aluminum changes based on the economy," she said.

The program has distributed over $135,000 to the island's school including its most recent check of over $27,000 received from Anheuser-Busch Recycling Company. She said, "It's really important when you recycle, then you make use of resources. If aluminum cans go in the landfill, it's just like burying money, but you're also burying resources."

And with the new school year having just started, she's pushing for the community to support the island's schools. "The program goes on throughout the summer, we don't stop recycling and people don't stop drinking beverages, but sometimes people are under the misconception that the program comes to halt, but it does not," she said.

Denney will be holding a party for the i-Recycle champions and school administrators at the end of September.

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