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McNinch: OPA contest will be "horse race"

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - UOG professor and KUAM political analyst Ron McNinch addressed the Rotary Club of Guam this afternoon on some of the big races on the primary level. He says what was once described as being a very low-energy race for a long time has since changed with former governor Carl Gutierrez throwing his hat in the ring as a write-in candidate he predicts could be a contentious race.

"And what this creates for the Democrats and for the Republicans is very much so a horse race to the end between the primary which Gutierrez will be able to muster up enough votes to be on a write-in, a very viable write-in not a play-around write-in, and this will create horse race leading into the general election," he said.  

He further added that on the legislative race, he sees the potential for a critical election where the democratic majority could possibly shift as republicans are known to have a lot more energy after the primary election.

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