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Democrat Party tells candidates to shun surveys

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - Today may have been the deadline for Decision 2012 candidates to submit their survey responses to We Are Guahan, but according to Democratic Party of Guam executive director Carlo Branch they're asked not to respond to it along with not responding to a Chamber of Commerce survey. Both are related to the military buildup. 

Branch in Democratic Party of Guam advisory says both surveys are impossible to answer in an accurate and informative manner. All Democrat candidates were asked to respectfully decline to respond to either survey questions and as an alternative issue their own position statement.

We Are Guahan's Leevin Camacho told KUAM News, "A part of the reason why we're even conducting the survey is because so many people have said they support the buildup but not at any cost but no one wants to talk about what that means what is a win-win for Guam - what does it look like? And I think the people of Guam, we trust our leaders to make tough decisions and I don't think its unreasonable to ask them yes or no, do you support DOD getting more land?"

Chamber of commerce chairman Mark Sablan added, "There was room to debate it, they could have lined out something and had written this is why or these are the reasons for my position on this matter, so in a nutshell, it was supposed to be a simple exercise but apparently it didn't work out this way."

We Are Guahan plans to share their survey responses with the community. Responses to the Chamber survey are due Thursday, they will be distributed to members before the Primary Election.

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