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Camacho Landmark Center breaks ground

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - It's aimed to be the premier, first-class, multi-purpose commercial center in one of the busiest intersections on island.  In about a year, the first phase of the Camacho Landmark Center should be up and running in Tamuning.

Michael Camacho said, "We had the groundbreaking for the Phase I of the Camacho Landmark Center development and Phase I will be solely for Personal Finance Center and we're very excited to start this project off." Camacho, PFC's president and CEO, said the company will occupy 15,000 square feet out of the total 178,000 square foot center. And not only will it feature modern architecture but will incorporate different components to make the building as efficient as possible.

RIM Architect's Brent Wiese told KUAM News, "The secret is we want this building to perform as best as possible, so if you reduce the amount of heat coming in the building you use less air conditioning, which uses less power. If you use better higher quality mechanical system it uses less power."

For example, the entire building is insulated to help keep heat out and will use 20% less water and its mechanical system is 16% more efficient than comparable buildings. Its interior materials meanwhile were selected for high-recycle contact. Ultimately, the entire center will have LEED Silver Certified buildings.

Once construction is done, the CAM5 Group has committed to staying green by encouraging recycling by setting up recycling bins in areas within and outside its buildings. Wiese said, "And so it encourages through the lifespan of the project that this can happen and its up to the CAM5 Group, which they've committed to make sure that their employees recycle and reduce the amounts of trash in the dump."

Camacho says it's the company's way in keeping its commitment to the community and environment. He said, "We're very excited about it. We challenged our architects, as RIM Architects has mentioned, to design a building that would be LEED certified and that's not only good for the employees but good for the environment." 

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