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Mabini helps lead White Lady Bridge cleanup

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The White Lady Bridge is known throughout Guam for many reasons and a few weekends ago, close to 50 volunteers took time out to help spruce up an area that has since become heavily polluted.

In the early hours of the morning, residents of Maina, UOG students, business sponsors and some public leaders joined forces to clear out bamboo debris and litter at the Maina bridge that have since caused blockage of the natural flow of the Fonte River.

Maina resident Senator Sam Mabini led the cleanup, and said, "We felt, and I felt that we needed to take a step to work together to address something that is happening in our village."

According to Mabini, it surprised her as to what was collected including tires, car parts, blankets, pest-control containers, baby car seats and bagged animal carcasses. "It's very iconic," she continued, "and I felt that this is something that we as a village needed to put together, a task force, and a group to tackle it 013455 and I know our government is short on fund, so why can't we do it."

The group was able to load two dump trucks filled with bamboo debris and a truck load of trash. She adds through the cleanup, the department of agriculture noted that its current condition posed hazardous impacts to the flow of the river possibly damaging the asphalt surface of the road along with preventing fish and shrimp from making its way up the river.

"So the next step is to get a heavy excavator to help pull out all the bamboo so that the river will be clean, and then to create a bridge watch program to keep an eye on the bridge, let people know that this is something we value, we treasure, it's iconic, it's the white lady bridge and I think every local kid or person knows that's its something that we'd like to visit and if you haven't visited, it's a very, very beautiful area," she said.

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