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Gutierrez-as-write-in for public auditor

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Former Guam governor Carl Gutierrez will be running as a write-in candidate for public auditor. During a gathering at his home Thursday night, Gutierrez made the announcement in front of close to 300 supporters.

Today, Gutierrez says his supporters urged him to run to provide checks and balance in the Government of Guam. "Because right now there's a laxity in doing audits that really matter and if you don't stem it right now things will continue to go the way it's going right now there's really no check and balance going on," he explained. "And the whole theme they brought to me was everybody is accountable you can't pick and choose to only audit the people you don't like but you have to audit for the various project s of this government."

Despite the OPA being a non-partisan position, Gutierrez says he will step down as chairman of the Democratic Party of Guam only after the election should he get elected. He cites his over 40 years of politics locally as experience, which includes five years in dealing with budgets as the ways and means chairman in the Legislature and eight years as governor of Guam.

He does plan to send different variations of his name to the Guam Election Commission to make it easier for supporters to write him in.

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