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MLS's Ryan Guy will play for Team Guam

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - A soccer star with ties to Guam will be playing for the island's national team. Ryan Guy, who is the son of KUAM Radio talkshow host Jess Lujan, has committed his international future to Guam.

Men's National Team Coach Gary White told KUAM Sports, "Obviously he had many options including possibly playing for the U.S.A but he wants to give back to our program here on Guam. It really is an exciting time for Guam Football. Well you put a player like Ryan Guy who is a professional soccer player who has played in Europe and now he plays for a very strong club in the U.S in the strongest league in North America along with the Mexican League.

"The fact now that he is playing for Guam it puts us on a whole new level in terms of our exposure and opportunities it's going to create for our younger players. Obviously his talent on the field is going to assist us in being more creative on the field and be more experience in tight situations when we come up against bigger teams like Australia and North Korea and so on. On and off the field Ryan Guy playing for Guam really is going to assist our program to go to another level."

Guy, who currently plays professionally in Major League Soccer for the New England Revolution, said, "First and foremost I'm really looking forward to getting out there and playing with the guys and meeting a lot of them for the first time and excited about the youth of the team. I think that is going to be an asset for us and secondly I'm looking forward to helping influence future generations of Guam soccer.

"I think Guam has the real potential to be a hot bed for soccer and a great place for international games and I think it's going to be exciting. The better Guam does the more big exciting soccer games will come to the country and I'm really looking forward to that and I know that all the guys as well as the coach are so it's definitely going to be a collective effort and the entire island is going to be involved in that so it's exciting times ahead."

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