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Cyclist Derek Horton hits the road in London

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - Derek Horton is back to capitalize on his second opportunity at the Olympic Games. Horton last competed in Sydney, Australia back in 2000 and will once again put the island on his back when he takes on the course in London.

Horton told KUAM Sports, "I train about 6 days a week, training is a lot different now just being more mature and knowing my body a lot batter than I did back then. Handling the speeds and technicality of the courses, it's easier for me to handle now than it was back then. A lot of my training now is based not so much on mileage but more on handling the intensities and real maximum efforts and handling technical situations."

Horton is more confident and better prepared for the big stage this time around. A lot has changed over the years especially with his approach to the sport. Derek says that this time he's more mentally focused and prepared technically for what the course has to offer.

Horton added, "Definitely the intensity is going to have to get much higher as we get closer to the event and before we start to taper off in the final week. The course itself isn't as technical as a traditional world cup course or even the Sydney Olympic course. This is a lot tamer and a lot smoother so it's just basic high intensity fitness is going to keep you with the rider in front of you and whatever packs that exist. It should get pretty blown apart with in the first lap just from the top riders going much faster than your average pros."

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