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IT&E launches 4G LTE platform for home

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by Jason Salas

Guam - If you're online constantly, you know you can never access information fast enough.  So, a very familiar partner in our community has a new service that's right up your alley.

You've seen the ads on KUAM-TV, and taken note of the eye-popping speed tests – and now, IT&E is taking local broadband access to the next level, with the release of its 4G LTE platform for the home. "We are introducing into Guam what I would call 'The first real LTE experience', which is real highspeed Internet, explained IT&E CEO Danilo "Bong" Mojica II.

He said that giving consumers a large amount of bandwidth, both downstream and upstream, is critical. "We are introducing a product that we want to fit into the home. And basically the product form is a router and you can experience speeds anywhere from peaks of 17-20 Mbps," he said.

With plans starting at just $99 per month, you'll be able to power your entire household for high-end applications like hi-def streaming movies, realtime gaming, and serious multimedia downloads. Mojica added, "They get Internet speeds that are actually around 11 Mbps, which is higher than what you have in the market at the moment, And number two, you get a free phone that plugs into the router and basically functions as a home phone."

And for those customers who are perhaps on the fence about wanting to invest in experiencing the internet at high-tempo speeds, Mojica says IT&E has a special extra incentive for you, telling KUAM News, "The offer that we are giving is for the first few hundred subscribers is we're actually giving a free Apple TV with the basic subscription."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there's more to come for the ever-important mobile market. Th CEO said, "Soon - very, very soon - you will be able to experience LTE on your handset."

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