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Careforce Honors seeks 2012 nominees

by Marie Calvo Monge

Guam - Last Year, The KUAM Careforce, KUAM's community service initiative launched the first annual KUAM Careforce Honors recognizing outstanding individuals who serve our community.   This November, the  KUAM Careforce, with the help of island residents, will once again honor those who've made a difference in our community. This awards program recognizes those exceptional people whose passion, dedication, service, and selfless efforts have made our island a better place.  With the help of the community, the KUAM Careforce is looking for those whose works have impacted our island in a positive way.

Currently, nominations for the 2012 KUAM Careforce Honors are being accepted in the following categories:

The Hope for Tomorrow Honor – Awarded and outstanding young role model and achiever in our community between the ages of 6 to 18.  Their efforts helped those in need and motivated others to make a difference.  This youth may have started a program within their school or community, raised funds for a cause, or inspired others through their example.

The Selfless Service Honor – Awarded to an individual who tirelessly devotes their time to bettering our community as a volunteer and/or organizer.  This person exemplifies passion, dedication, and devotion to the charity(ies), organization(s), social causes, or people in need they service.  Nominees must be at least 18 years of age.

The Health and Wellness Honor – Awarded to an individual whose service, dedication, and/or innovation in the field of health and wellness has made a difference in the community.  This honoree may have started an organization, program, or coordinated an event aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, raising awareness about a disease, advocating for or prompting others to make healthy changes in our community, etc.

The Think Green Honor - Awarded to an individual who, through their efforts, has aimed to help protect, sustain and foster respect and care of our environment.  This honoree may have started an organization, program, or coordinated an event aimed at promoting respect for our environment, may have advocated for environmental awareness in our community, or prompted others to take on environmentally friendly habits.

A'adahen I Kottura Honor - Awarded to an individual who has worked to preserve and promote our Chamoru culture.  This honoree has worked at building an awareness of the Chamoru Language and culture through the Arts, education, and other forms of expression.

Nominations for individuals in any of these categories may be submitted on or applications may be picked up at the KUAM studios in Harmon.  The deadline to submit applications is Friday, September 28, 2012 at 5pm (Guam time).

The awards ceremony will take place in mid November and broadcasted on the KUAM TV8 and TV11 on Thanksgiving evening.

Nominees may not be publicly elected officials or individuals who have previously received the honor.

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