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JJVM takes I94 hoops tourney

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - I-94 FM'S 3-on-3 Street Basketball Tournament took place at the Agana Shopping Center with 16 men's teams and 6 high school teams lacing up for a chance at taking home some cash, cell phones and numerous gift certificates. Let's run through the winners in each division, 1st place in the High School Division went to J.J.V.M: Jared Meno, John Illao, Valiant Borja and Michael Sakazaki.

2nd place was Team Jayhawks: Christian Payuma, Joshua Sebastian, Maks Kepwe and John Odtohon. 3rd went to the Dragons: Brian Kim, Christian Chang, Ziggy Corcuera and Ricky Pak. Men's champions were Gametime: Jin Han, Reggie Rechabong, Joe Blas and John Chaco. 2nd place was F.K.B: Jimmy Ji, Matt Hudson and Charles Reyes. 3rd place went to Lord of The Rings: Anthony Babauta, Ivan Babauta, Kin Charfarous and Lance Osborne.

Andrew Borja with KUAM said, "I would like to thank our sponsors. Major sponsors Docomo Pacific, Agana Shopping Center, Total Chemicals, JMC Equipment Rentals, Johnny Cool, Unity Development, Gatorade, I94, Limelite our energy drink sponsor. Everyone for providing us their support and products."

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