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Blas: send FAS citizens to DOD facilities

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Not only should the $590 million that is owed to the Government of Guam for providing services to citizens of the Freely Associated States be offset by the federal government, but FAS citizens should utilize Department of Defense health facilities for urgent care and emergency treatment. Those are just a few of the proposals pitched to the Department of the Interior by Senator Frank Blas Jr. 

In a letter to DOI Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs Tony Babauta, the legislative minority leader makes a number of suggestions to reduce the un-reimbursed amounts, including lifting the caps in Medicare and Medicaid programs, recognizing Guam as a state in grant allocations and increasing professional-technical visa allocations primarily for medical positions.  Blas also proposes that orientation and health screenings before allowing FAS citizens to access government programs and enter the educational system be borne by the federal government and the country of origin.

As well, he proposes that eligibility of supplemental security income administered by the Social Security Administration be extended to Guam residents who qualify.

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