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GHURA director files harassment complaint

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The drama continues for GHURA, as a dispute over leadership at Guma Trankilidat led to allegations of illegal activity being done by the agency. Such allegations that the agency director is taking offense to, and has since filed a harassment complaint with Guam Police.

GHURA executive director Marcel Camacho filed the harassment complaint with the Guam Police Department claiming a tenant at Guma Trankilidat threatened him. The issue sparked just before last Friday's Guma Trankilidat Resident Association meeting. That's when now former association president Ray Hackett not only informed GHURA that a recent election which changed the leadership was illegal, and that Camacho's involvement goes against their rules and regulations. But Camacho via e-mail stated that Hackett told him if he showed up to the property to swear in the new officers of the association there would be "fireworks."

Four police officers were posted around the compound Friday evening. Camacho states GPD was on scene to keep the peace, claiming Hackett continues to badger GHURA. Hackett refutes he threatened Camacho, and says will bring the issue before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. "I am still the president and a court of law will uphold that and what I want to address first is Mr. Camacho's illegal activities, I would like him to explain why he thinks that is ok even after being notified by me, why he thinks it is ok to disobey clear HUD regulations," he said.

"I was really shocked when he chose to be involved, he even involved a mayor and a senator and I wonder if he actually let the mayor and senator know that I had disputed the legality of the proceeding…I am going to file a HUD complaint and this will also become a court matter when my attorneys and I figure how best to handle this without causing any trouble for the residents."

Guma Trankilidat provides housing to very low income elderly and persons with disabilities. While Hackett says he will iron out the issues through his legal counsel, Camacho says Hackett will be dealt with in due course.



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