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TakeCare, GMH meet about plan termination

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - TakeCare is hoping the Guam Memorial Hospital board will have a change of heart when it comes to their decision to terminate the direct payer agreement. The insurance company received the notice of termination today but it did not give a specific reason for the termination of the agreement only stating that GMH will take TakeCare members as self-pay patients beginning March 20.

The direct payer agreement allows TakeCare to receive members' claims directly from the hospital and for the company to make payment on behalf of its members directly to GMH. TakeCare management met with hospital management today and are making every effort to avoid termination of the agreement.  TakeCare chief operating officer Jeff Larsen says if the agreement is terminated, TakeCare assures its members that it will provide payment to the hospital on behalf of its members for covered services or make reimbursements directly to its members who receive care at GMH. 

TakeCare customers can contact the Customer Service Department for any questions or concerns at 647-3526.

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