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Governor endorses Blas' run for Congress

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo was at the Chamorro Village to endorse Senator Frank Blas, Jr.'s run for Congress. Not only did he introduce him, he also took some time to talk about his interactions with the Democratic leadership in the :egislature.

He said, "I took a shot at another senator from Barrigada because he's lost touch with the people and whether it was for the tax refunds owed to people or the school that's just in terrible condition. It's bittersweet because I see leadership in the legislature such as our speaker and ways an means chair that has lost touch with the people and are somewhere out in outer space and have forgotten some of the issues that are so important for our people and our families. I would have loved to seen this guy (Senator Blas) as the next speaker of the legislature because of his leadership and what he is he would have brought that legislature back to earth and like the rest of my republican colleagues and making sure they are in touch and serving the people."

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