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Able asks for money; seeks new attorney

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Things just keep getting worse for the island's largest employer of individuals with disabilities. Today Able Industries was back in court, asking for the release of money. But the money isn't just to make payroll but to pay their attorney, who has now withdrawn from the case.

Able Industries needs money. The organization's president, Ken Leon Guerrero, appeared before Superior Court Judge Vern Perez this morning asking for the release of money as the company's bank accounts are frozen. Former Able board of trustee Eddie Yokeno has sued Leon Guerrero and Able Industries, alleging he was improperly removed from the board. Yokeno has asked the court to impose a receiver to take over the organization to ensure jobs for individuals with disabilities. 

In court today, Leon Guerrero admitted that the organization is in danger of having another payless payday and losing more contracts. Able already lost food service contracts at Camp Covington and on Andersen Air Force Base. And now, Able has lost their attorney. 

Mark Smith indicated to the court that not only has there been a lack of communication with his client, but he hasn't been paid for his services, prompting his withdrawal from the case. Able was supposed to comply with a court order to submit financial documents to the plaintiff's attorney on Wednesday for review, but Leon Guerrero didn't do so explaining that he wants to obtain an attorney first.

Yokeno's attorney, Joseph Razzano, opposed the release of any more money that has been sitting in an account managed by the court arguing able is just delaying the case as they've gone through five attorneys. He asked that Leon Guerrero be jailed until they turn over all the financial documents they were ordered to submit. The court held off on ruling on that request as well as Leon Guerrero's request to release money and instead ordered able to get legal representation soon. 

Regular status hearings will be held beginning next Friday. 

Meanwhile, Attorney Smith now joins other creditors waiting for payment from able industries while employees wait to see if they'll get a paycheck. 

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