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Operation Dragon: 30 people counseled Monday

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Operation Dragon continues each night as members of the Guam Police Department visit business establishments where people are found loitering and consuming alcohol. During Monday night's operation, counseling was provided to 30 individuals who were found drinking in public and at establishments that have off-sale liquor licenses. 

GPD spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia says stores must comply with their ABC license, noting, "The governor's concern, as well as the chief of police, is this escalating into something more, alcohol related incidents can escalate if we don't get it early in the evening as they start to consume alcohol. It could escalate into disturbances, stabbings, rock throwing, it could lead to robberies, burglaries so we want to make sure we can get it early."

Several stores received warnings and will be reported to the ABC Board.  Meanwhile, police warn that anyone found highly intoxicated or those who fail to comply with authorities will be arrested.  The operation continues through January 2.

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