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Police arrest third suspect for kidnapping, torture

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The Guam Police Department continues its investigation into the alleged torture and kidnapping of a man who was thought to have stolen a pound of crystal methamphetamine from a known drug dealer and convicted felon. A third individual was taken into custody while more arrests are pending.

GPD arrested 30-year-old Christopher Anthony Duenas Mesa for his involvement in last month's kidnapping and beating of a handyman who was thought to have stolen drugs. Mateo Sardoma, Jr. and Rudy Sablan were arrested for the crime accused of torturing the man for more than ten hours as they believed he had stole a pound of crystal meth while working at Sardoma's home. Sardoma and Sablan appeared in court and are being held on $500,000 cash bail each. 

Court documents had indicated that a man named "Chris" assisted with the torture.  While police were searching for him, GPD spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia confirms Mesa turned himself in on Tuesday. "The individual was apprehended and taken into custody yesterday," he stated.

Mesa, who is also known as "Bobat", faces a slew of charges, including kidnapping, continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to distribute a Schedule II controlled substance, and aggravated assault. As for the ongoing investigation, Balajadia says police can't say much, noting, "Because what the case is involving and it is sensitive nature, and is and ongoing process ongoing investigation."

But what's spelled out in court documents is that mesa arrived to Sardoma's home in a dark truck with Sablan. The victim was allegedly held captive for several hours, tasered, punched, and handcuffed. The victim was even allegedly shot in his hand by Sardoma. Fearing for his life the victim eventually told the three he had the drugs in his girlfriend's vehicle. When the three took the victim to the vehicle, he escaped and hid in the jungle for hours until he could get to police.

Sardoma and Sablan remain behind bars on a half-million dollars cash bail.  Mesa is being held only on $25,000 cash bail, and will be back in court on November 18. As for others present at Sardoma's home during the alleged attack, Balajadia says it still premature to say if more arrests will be made, saying, "In any case the potential for more arrests is always there it just depends on what unfolds as you continue with the investigation."

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