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New Layon landfill opens in Inarajan

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - With the gates to the Ordot Dump locked, the Layon landfill is now open for business. A ceremony was held this morning in Inarajan commemorating the official opening of Layon. Gershman, Brickner and Bratton president Harvey Gershman says this high-tech facility will service the island's waste for decades to come.

While he says GBB looks forward to working with the Government of Guam to transition back the authority of the solid waste operations, he says there is still more work the receiver has to complete. "We still have a lot to do we have a household hazard waste facility to procure and build, we have another transfer stations to procure and build and we have to design he closure and build the closure which will take a few years," he shared.

The first pair of new trash trucks delivered its first load to the landfill this morning. Although residents including Inarajan Mayor Franklin Taitague disagreed with having a landfill in the village, he says his feelings changed after today, saying, "After I talked to the judge she's assuring the citizens of Inarajan that controls and protection for our health and environment is certainly in place and the receiver is also on top of all these concerns and issues."

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