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GPD proposing cuts to officers' special pay

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - As the community waits for the final reorganization plans from Governor Eddie Calvo, the Guam Police Department submitted its plans to cut back on spending to Adelup.

The top brass at GPD, Fred Bordallo, says his staff is bracing themselves, as the Governor's Office makes a final decision on the proposal the force presented in an effort to cut 10% from its spending. "Some of the proposals just in general some of the special pay that some of the officers have, night differential and stuff that we know can make some impact," he said. The chief says special pay reduction includes holiday pay and hazardous pay.

He admits the plan would be to cut those areas first from GPD management, saying, "That police lieutenants and police majors make and they are willing to sacrifice before any of the troops below…that's a sign that my command staff are willing to make sacrifices for the organization as a whole."

He calls it a balance proposal that he assures will not impede current services provided by GPD. "In our cost containment, in doesn't involve having a reduction in some of our expenses or having to layoff or furlough any of our classified employees," he said.

Bordallo adds they are working with a proposal that combines cost reduction and austerity measures that are in place. He says the proposal that has yet to be approved by the governor's office also includes potential for fee increases.

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