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Make Your Mark: Unbreakable Bloodline

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by Joan Aguon Charfauros

Guam - Local boy Vernon "Chief Havoc" Cruz is making his mark as part of the uber-talented band Unbreakable Bloodline. Residing in Georgia since 2001, Cruz notes that is about the same time the band was formed. The group is a collection of talent, with 5 other members that make up their very unique sound. A sound that happened to garner the attention of music label - I.C. Music Entertainment.

How the group was formed is an interesting story - comprised with members from 3 other bands, they ended up filling a spot to be the opening act for Parliament Funkadelic's very own George Clinton. Cruz said, it was the smartest decision we ever made because one we all gelled together and two the crowd loved it."

UBL has a fan following that continues to grow with every performance - whether it be opening up for lakeside or gigging at the crowbar. Many are feeling the group's undeniable amazing sound. "Oh my God, once everyone gets to hear what we have, we'll take you from funky jazz music to some heavy hard rock. The song "that's life" is a very mellow tone but has a lot of energy to it but still very mellow."

In fact, the song "That's Life" was written by Cruz and is very personal reflecting on his struggles. Rocking out on stage, Cruz dons a big Guam Seal necklace, and aside from representing the island he is proud of, he says it plays a very important role. He said, "It's a great conversation piece and it's a quick opportunity for someone to say "where you from?" And its one thing I never stray from, my father taught all of us to be proud of what you are as simple as that."

With UBL's single "That's Life" getting major airplay on local radio stations, he gets choked up recalling the moment he heard it on i94's u-stream for the first time. "I gave thanks and then I called everyone I possibly could, it's a different feeling being halfway across the world and I'm getting more love from Guam, my cousins from Washington, Aalabama and Alaska.," he shared. "It's an amazing feeling, everyone showing love."

Cruz hopes to come to Guam with the band and perform in front of the Chamorros that he is so proud to represent. "That is my ultimate goal and dream in front of all the Chamorros and give them the best I can…I don't have a million dollars. I can rap about but I can make music about the island, my life, the get out there. Here is Georgia all they here is Guam this, Guam that would be the most amazing thing right now."

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