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Make Your Mark: Island Trybe

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by Joan Aguon Charfauros

Guam - Former Guam Residents brothers David Quitugua, 29, and Matthew Quitugua, 28, currently reside in Tacoma, Washington. The last time David was on island was back in 2004 and Matthew in 2001. David (who goes by "YD") and Matthew (who goes by "BOI - Beatz On Instink") form the urban island music group Island Trybe.

"We've always been around music," said David. "Our dad has been singing since ever since and mom would sing around the house, and I sung choir but I've been incorporated with music for quite a while so it was only right to start our own group."

Island Trybe was created back in 1996. In his early stages of making music, YD started recording off of karaoke machines and writing to instrumentals. As for BOI, he is considered the mastermind in creating and producing Island Trybe's sounds. As they got older, the duo got into more complicated-type sounds - perfecting their music. The brothers are a force to be reckoned with, not only writing their own material but also producing and recording their tracks.

Now, if it is something unique you are wanting, then Island Trybe is definitely right up your alley. "Our music is a little bit of everything, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of country, reggae, R&B, we try to touch up on everything. Being out here, we are surrounded by hip-hop, but we always have to incorporate reggae because that's our roots," BOI said.

After performing together in their teens for the first time in Portland, the boys have continued to remain busy, performing up to three times a week, working on albums, music videos, even opening for various artists including fast lyric spitting rapper Twista. Recently, the brothers were added to the slew of acts set to perform at the first annual United Nesia Festival in Portland.

BOI and YD are preparing to release their third album entitled "Bak 4 Secondz" this summer.

So with that being said Island Trybe & the Trybe Fam represents for all our Chamorro people including the whole CNMII & the other Mariana Islands along with Guam. "First thing," said YD, "we just got a new video. We got Facebook Island Trybe, and we have some stuff on iTunes as well, trying to get some of our mixes, too."

And the Quitugua boys remain humble and appreciative of all the love and support. "Shoutout just to everybody out on Guam, everybody who supports us - Guam, Saipan, Tinian - just everyone that supports us out there."

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