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"Bridesmaids" - it's like "the Hangover" for chicks

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by Ken San Nicolas

Director: Paul Feig

Time: 2 hours 4 minutes  

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph

Director Paul Feig delivers comedic gold with "Bridesmaids" -- a light-hearted comedy about learning to sacrifice parts of one relationship and investing in another. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is a single woman, trying to get back on her feet after the closing of her small cake shop. Her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph), is getting married and wants Annie to be the maid of honor. After all, who would know Lillian better than her lifelong best friend? Unfortunately, many of Annie's plans in preparation for the wedding take a turn for the worst and the rich and connected Helen (Rose Byrne) must come to the rescue in every instance. Is the friendship between Lillian and Annie slipping while the one between Helen and Lillian blossoms?

"Bridesmaids" is gag humor at its finest. There is something about women doing the most disgusting acts that really makes me laugh. Mixed in with the crude humor are very subtle jabs at jealousy, acceptance and subservience, as Annie exhibits those traits consistently throughout the movie. The movie is indeed very witty and great light-hearted fun.

If there is one knock on the film, it would be that it is a little too long. Much of the comedic gold is put in the first 75 minutes or so of the film, and quickly loses that luster after. Many of the unfunny scenes in the latter half of the movie are not necessary to the integral plot of the story and probably should have been cut out before release.

Nevertheless, "Bridesmaids" will have you laughing your head off. Catch it this week at the Tango Theatres.

4 out of 5 stars.

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