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UOG marketers help Japan aide effort

by Joan Aguon Charfauros

Guam - The University of Guam's Fundamentals of Marketing class is where you learn the basic concepts and strategies of marketing. However, when the got wind of the devastating disaster in Japan, the students wanted to do something that would help our neighbors in the Pacific.

UOG Sophomore Keo Torre said, "We decided to kind of shift gears - we wanted to apply the lessons we learned in class benefit Japan and help them out in their time of need. We are taking what we learned- the marketing concepts creating a product to put out there, and having everybody coming together as a community."

So, the class brainstormed and the result was "Bands for Japan." This event would be a concert to be held at the FD Phoenix Center with several of Guam's talented bands performing on one stage, one night. Now with the concept in place, the students had to find a way to fund the project.

Torres said, When we first started we're all scared because this is just a basic fundamentals class but we had some classmates who had some done events like this before so they were like our guidance in what we should do.  We had a lot of generous donations sponsors out there...helping us get through this and supporting us with some funds."

Bands for Japan, is a UOG student benefit concert, which is solely produced by the marketing class. The students are taking what they learned thus far in class, mind you, this is around the time when they should be preparing for final exams, and creating a superior product to put out to the community.

UOG junior Erica Soh said, "Bands for Japan is a benefit concert - we've got local bands playing such as Old Man Rebel, Matala, Natural Rhythm, Fiyahdub, Freedom Fries, Scavengers and Rock Bottom and it's a play on words - Bands for Japan because we are also giving out wristbands with the ticket."

Now I know you are wondering how much and where can you get the tickets? "It's $15 a ticket, and with that you can come to the Phoenix Center on May 7, 2011, and enjoy local bands playing and you also get this wristband that says 'Pray for Japan.' Raffles as well, we have prizes donated by our sponsors- gift certificates, cash prizes, and a really big prize that they'll have to find out when they get there," said Soh.

You have the chance to win a scooter generously donated by Guam Harley Davidson valued at $5,400.

"The bands that were are producing are also to commemorate Japan, they are having a difficult time during this devastating event, we are seeing a lot of the communities and organizations coming out and supporting Japan. This is a UOG student driven benefit so we are showing what the UOG students can do to help out Japan in their time of need 532

Funds generated from tickets, drink and food sales, raffle, and t-shirt sales will all go to benefit Japan. How awesome is that? Not bad for a group of students who are still new to the world of marketing!? So, if you are a huge fan of local music, and you are looking for a place to check out on Saturday, then round up your friends and mark your calendar- Saturday May 7th at the FD Phoenix Center in Mangilao. It all goes down at 6pm.

You can purchase tickets at Guam Harley Davidson, Haven Music in the Micronesia Mall, and 76 gas stations located in Barrigada, Dededo, and Anigua.

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